Applications for the 2024 Des Moines Concours will open on March 1st. NOTE: after submitting an application, if you did NOT receive an email confirmation, please review your application, including the size of the images you are uploading, and resubmit. Also check your spam folder before resubmitting.

The Des Moines Concours is a premier exhibition of vintage, classic and special interest collectible motor vehicles that celebrates the fine art, design evolution, and amazing innovations of motor vehicles through the years, as well as the talented designers and engineers that created them. The Concours is held in downtown Des Moines on closed streets surrounding the internationally recognized John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park that features 31 works of art by 25 of the world’s most celebrated sculptors. The Des Moines Concours is a free event and open to the public.

Criteria for vehicle acceptance include authenticity, condition, rarity, design, engineering and innovative features and historical merit. Please note that replicas, reproductions or modified vehicles will not be accepted. 

If your vehicle is accepted into the event, we use this form to create your name tag that is issued when you check into the event. Please DO NOT submit in all caps — also check spelling for accuracy. We are not responsible for misspellings or missing names. All applications need to be submitted by August 1st. 

2024 Concours Class List

  • Antiques – Vehicles produced from the beginning of motor vehicles through 1927
  • Early Collectibles– A broad range of cars and trucks produced between 1928 and 1942
  • Atomic Age Collectibles– Vehicles with post-war styling built between 1946 and 1957
  • Space Age Collectibles– Tailfins, chrome, and sleek body lines, produced from 1958 to 1969
  • Preservation– Unaltered survivors produced before 1974
  • Classics– Luxury, limited production automobiles produced from 1915 to 1948
  • Exotics– Speed, rarity, and provocative designs make these cars an attraction to everyone
  • American Muscle – High-performance, rear-wheel drive, mid and full-size models up to 1973
  • Motorcycles– Mechanical icons that influenced cultures with their design and engineering
  • Station Wagons – American station wagons up to 1984
  • Porsche 911 – 60th Anniversary – A history for street and the track
  • Volkswagen – 1949-1981 Volkswagens in America

2024 Application to Exhibit

The Des Moines Concours d'Elegance™ • A Celebration of the Art & Design of the Automobile • September 8, 2024

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Please do not submit in all caps and check spelling for accuracy. We are not responsible for misspellings or missing names.
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* During the judging, vehicle engine compartments will be viewed as part of the evaluation process for show awards. The primary concern is period correct engine and equipment, as our show criteria emphasize the authenticity of vehicles. Vehicles are meant to be driven, so evidence of normal engine bay usage will not reduce the evaluation. We wanted to inform applicants early so that accepted entrants will know how to properly prepare their vehicles to achieve the best evaluation.
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AGREEMENT & WAIVER IMPORTANT – acceptance is conditional upon signing this WAIVER The provisions of this AGREEMENT apply to participation in all events related to the Des Moines Concours™ (“Concours”). In consideration of acceptance to the Concours, the undersigned agrees as follows: I will indemnify, defend and save harmless Iowa Automotive Heritage Foundation (IAHF), its committees, staff, directors, volunteers and agents, from and against any and all liability, claims, damages, costs and expenses including reasonable attorneys’ fees, in connection with my participation in all Concours events, which results from my negligence. I acknowledge that the indemnified parties above assume no liability for stolen or damaged property and agree that I display my vehicle at my sole risk. I waived all claims against the indemnified parties for damages to my vehicle except those which result from the negligence of an indemnified party. I agree to provide proof of vehicle liability insurance if required. In addition: I agree to place a fire extinguisher behind the left front wheel of my vehicle while on display at the Concours. I give permission and free unconditional non-exclusive license to IAHF to use my name and images of my vehicle for promotional or educational purposes in connection with the Concours, whether before, during, or after the Concours.
Upload up to a maximum of 5 photos and/or documents here for each vehicle entry. DO NOT SUBMIT ADDITIONAL PHOTOS IN A DUPLICATE APPLICATION. Maximum file size is 10 mb per file. We need at least one high resolution photo of the vehicle that may be showcased in the program. Showcase images need to be at least 200 pixels per inch with limited background clutter, focusing instead on the vehicle. In addition to your showcase photo of your vehicle, supporting photos can be included for consideration. Please avoid photos with any distractions of your vehicle (garage, people, etc.) Please let us know if you have questions on how to upload files at application@desmoinesconcours.com. If you did not receive an email confirmation that your application was submitted, the form did not go through. Please resubmit.
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