The Des Moines Concours is a premier exhibition of vintage, classic and special interest collectible motor vehicles that celebrates the fine art, design evolution, and amazing innovations of motor vehicles through the years, as well as the talented designers and engineers that created them. The Concours is held in downtown Des Moines on closed streets surrounding the internationally recognized John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park that features 27 works of art by 21 of the world’s most celebrated sculptors. The Des Moines Concours is a free event and open to the public with 2018 attendance exceeding 12,000.

Criteria for vehicle acceptance include authenticity, condition, rarity, design, engineering and innovative features and historical merit. Please note that replicas, reproductions or modified vehicles will not be accepted. The application deadline is August 1st each year. Use the online application below.

Here are the classes for the 2019 Des Moines Concours:

  • Antiques to 1927 Class – Cars, trucks, and vehicles from the beginning of motor vehicles produced through 1927
  • Early Collectibles 1928-1942 Class – A broad range of collectible cars, trucks, and luxury cars produced between 1928 and 1942
  • Atomic Age Collectibles 1946-1957 Class – Vehicles with post-war styling through to the ever-changing era of the mid-1950s
  • Space Age Collectibles 1958-1967 Class – Big fins, loads of chrome, futuristic lights, and sleek body designs that carried through to the mid-1960s
  • Preservation to 1969 Class – Unaltered survivors with only slight alterations like batteries, tires, and belts up to 1969
  • Classics Class – High priced, low production automobiles with fine design and high standards from 1915 to 1948
  • Exotics Class – High speeds and lots of power make these sleek, provocative extremes of design an attraction to anyone
  • American Muscle Cars Class – Affordable high-performance rear wheel drive mid and full-size models up to 1973
  • World War II Military Vehicles Class – Military vehicles and war material produced for the war effort, a class to honor the 75th Anniversary of D-Day
  • American Orphans Class – Automobiles built by manufacturers that no longer in business in the automotive industry, up to 1969
  • Bentley 100th Anniversary Class – Bentley Motors has been known for their style, performance, and quality for 100 years
  • Behind the Iron Curtain Class – Vehicles manufactured in Eastern Europe and Russia during the Soviet Union/Communist era
  • JDM and Japanese Cars Class – Economic, reliable cars made for the Japanese market and/or by Japanese automobile manufacturers
  • Purpose Built Racing Cars Class – Cars prepared specifically for racing or production cars converted to sole purpose race cars
  • Motorcycle Class – Mechanical icons that influenced cultures with their design and engineering
  • Crosley Class – The “car for the forgotten man” was the lowest priced car in America until their production end in 1952

If you have questions, please email us at application@desmoinesconcours.com .

The application deadline has passed. Please consider applying for next year’s event. Thank you to all that applied for 2019!