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A Celebration Of The Art & Design Of The Automobile

Best of Show: 1917 Brewster-Knight Model 41

The 2019 Best of Show was awarded to Stuart and Kathleen Etheridge of Lynn Center, Illinois for their 1917 Brewster-Knnight. This, the only remaining 1917 Brewster-Knight with Single Enclosed Drive body, was purchased new by a Texas attorney for use in New York. Trimmed in German silver, oak and cherry, it features a full-floating transmission and rear axle. The owner restored the car himself.

1962 Jaguar E-Type Wins Hagerty Youth Judging Top Honor

Kids involved with Children’s Cancer Connection once again served as judges for Hagerty’s Youth Judging at the 2019 Des Moines Concours. Their top choice was this beautiful Jaguar owned by Randy and Deb Anderson of Urbandale, Iowa.

The opalescent gunmetal grey matches the very first E-Type introduced to the public over 55 years ago on the 16th of March 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show. At the 2018 Ameila Island Concours, this car won the Rolex Watch Award for the Car of Timeless Elegance, and was invited to the Parade of Significant Automobiles.

Ferraris In Front of Kum & Go

The Kum & Go headquarters were completed in 2019 with many unique architectural features. It is fitting that the building designed by Italian architecture firm Renzo Piano served as the backdrop for a display of local Ferraris. Thank you to Continental AutoSports Ferrari for their sponsorship.

1952 Crosley Super Station Wagon

This class-winning example form Steven Miller of Grayslake, Illinois was part of an impressive gathering of these unique vehicles. Crosley became the world’s leading producer of station wagons in 1948, building 23,489 units that year. However, as “The Big Three” introduced new postwar models, Crosley sales slowed, and this car was completed shortly before production ended in 1952.

Mail Order Car from Sears & Roebuck Catalog

The Sears “Motor Buggy” was sold through the Sears & Roebuck mailorder catalog from 1909 to 1912. Each car was partially disassembled, crated and shipped by rail. This 1910 Sears Model K is owned by Don and Richard Pauley of Clear Lake, Iowa. The original owner’s daughter still remembers riding in this highwheeler as a child.

1946 Indian Chief with Sidecar

This numbers-matching Chief is attached to an original Indian sidecar. Purchased as a basket case by the owner’s father in 1977, the motorcycle sat in a shed until being restored in 2014. The restoration was completed with mostly original parts.

Thirteen classes of sculptured machines – from Classics to Kaisers, Edsels to Exotics. All on display around the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park.