2016 2016 PrISUm Phaeton 2

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“Change is not a simple task. The journey of every great innovator was long, hard, and often clouded in failure.” This quote applies to every automotive innovation, from early horseless carriages to today’s supercars. Advancements in style and technology are made by engineers, designers, and everyday people who are fueled by the want for more speed, safety, and comfort. Over time, they’ve contributed significant improvements to efficiency by employing new technologies and improving existing ones.

For more than 27 years, students at Iowa State University (ISU) have dedicated their time and creativity to developing revolutionary solar-powered vehicles. They continue a tradition of innovation that began with pioneer motor cars—improvements that we take for granted, such as steering wheels instead of tillers, and air-conditioned cabins.

Last year, the team dominated an event, scoring the fastest lap and completing 31 more laps than the second-place team. Phaeton 2 is an updated version of last year’s car. It represents the pinnacle of PrISUm’s engineering talent and demonstrates the team’s will to achieve the extraordinary. The lightweight carbon fiber exterior and mechanical systems were handcrafted by ISU students during the fall of 2015. Every aspect of the vehicle was designed, manufactured, and tested in the Midwest.

Thanks to Team PrISUm’s sponsors, Phaeton 2 participated in the eight-day, 1,800-mile 2016 American Solar Challenge race from Ohio to South Dakota. The ISU team earned 7th place and the distinguished International Solarcar Federation (ISF) Achievement Award. Thanks to the ISF, remote controlled scale models of Phaeton 2 will be sold throughout the world to promote solar racing and the concept of “Brain Sports.” Phaeton 2 will be the only car to ever hold this honor.

PrISUm Phaeton 2’s remarkable achievements prove that the quest for automotive advancement is in good hands.

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    Iowa State University — Ames , IA


    2016 2016 PrISUm Phaeton 2


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