1928 Cunningham V5 Touring

Star Car Robert and Sonia Abbott


2018 1st Place Winner in the The Classics category.

A hallmark of the Cunningham automobile was its coachwork. Whether an open or closed car was ordered, the owner could be assured of a distinctive, well-built automobile. And expensive at that. The touring car shown here sold for $7,000 new in 1928. The original owner of this car was Balfour S. Craib, a New York philanthropist. The car has been in the current owner’s family for more than 40 years.

It is recognized as a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America. Often called the American Rolls Royce.

  • Owner

    Robert and Sonia Abbott


    1928 Cunningham V5 Touring


    7 Liter, 420 CI